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The 2014 Lecture &  Workshop Tour



GW Hardin, New York Times best-selling author,
is committed to bringing important and provocative
information to public awareness.

Special Presentations:
• DNA & the Dance of The Avatar-Child   The Angelic Awakening  
      Darkness & Light • Magical Real Estate   Solfeggio System Secrets  
A Celestial Mystery   We Are Children of      
      Solved         the Miraculous      










The Secret Tones of  Sacred Balance
   by Gary Lanz &
        GW Hardin

   $7.77 CD Album

The Lost Tones of the Angelic Realm
   by Gary Lanz &
        GW Hardin

   $9.99 CD Album
    also on iTunes
A World Beyond Belief:

Tales of a Real Estate Shaman

   by GW Hardin

   eBook & iBook
The Masters

    by Joe Crane
    edited by
    GW Hardin

Sequel to On the Wings of Heaven

Indigo Rising

Awakening the Powers of the Children of the New Earth

The Days of

Read the angelic prophecies of the new world ahead dwelling in the Age of Healers.


On the Wings of Heaven

      A bestseller

Archangel Michael tells an unsuspecting Everyman to go and find seven masters who the angel will teach, setting the stage for "Something wonderful" to happen.

   The Messengers

The New York Times bestseller.

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  Human Antennas
 of Harmony
  DNA as a Fractal:
the Divine Center
  The Cosmos as
Computer Code
  Scalars, Sound & Water



  Seminars: Wonder of Oneness ... Shift   Blue Water Alchemy   Blue Water Alchemy   Webinar: Lost Seeds  
  of the Ages   Interview 1   Interview 2   of the Solfeggio  
  2014 Events    Lectures/Workshops/
Intensives/Book Signings

One Yoga

               OF GATEWAYS
       Opening Secrets within Yourself


  • Visiting the Gateways in Nature
  • The Hidden Gateways in Our Own Bodies
  • Hyper-dimensions of our DNA

  For Whom?
  • Those wishing to learn about gateways
      and how to use them ... yogis, dowsers, healers,
      empaths, intuitives, seers, shamans, and helpers.
  • Those wishing to know more about themselves


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                An Overview of Harmonetix™
                     The Fabric of the Universe

Let’s create a new myth that takes into account Dr. James Gates’ discovery that the “computer code” of the universe has built-in error correction. Why not? “As above, so below. As below, so above.” Right? Well that would imply this error correction should likewise have a similar component in our DNA, since it also is a parallel language.

I believe I have found that error-correction mechanism. It comes from long-lost secrets we once possessed when legends talked about the First People. ... In our new myth, we have the option of engaging error correction hidden within the DNA. What that error correction does is recognize what our new-horizon scientists have discovered: (1) that DNA can transmit and receive frequencies, and (2) that DNA is fractal in nature, which implies that like string theory, there are different dimensions that can be accessed by this fractal-oriented component (the DNA tesseract).

Contact:  G.W. Hardin



  DNA as Radical Science